It’s never been so easy to bring together all project documents, images and data – even legacy files from obscure formats or obsolete products – into one fully integrated design platform. Directly import from over 80 standard file formats (including DXF and DWG) and use the new Canvas™ Printer Driver to bring virtually anything that can be printed into Canvas™ X for editing.

Create with confidence

From design to delivery, the accuracy of your data is maintained throughout all aspects of the process. Plus, Dimensioning tools automate the cumbersome process of measuring dimensions and eliminate conversion errors from manual calculations.

Import, view and save projects in 100+ file formats

From AutoCAD to Excel to legacy applications like Mac Paint… you can now import, edit and publish virtually any kind of file using Canvas™ X. Plus, you can ”print” almost any document – no matter how complex – into Canvas™ to edit and modify using the Canvas™ Printer Driver.

Edit raster and vector graphics with flexibility

Apply filters to one portion of an illustration, text or object without changing the underlying graphic thanks to Canvas’ proprietary Sprite Technology. All objects remain completely editable. Channel and vector masks, gradient transparency tools and opacity effects are all on hand for stunning visuals.

Share your projects and ideas while protecting your work

Canvas™ provides the ability to share your project and ideas with PDFs, professional/wide-format print documents, presentations or HTML content at any point in your workflow. And, with Canvas X’s PDF secure encryption and password protection, you are in control of whether or not documents can be viewed, edited or printed.

Organize and customize your interface

Canvas’ intuitive interface and customizable tool/menu options and customizable quick keystrokes make it easy to get organized and find what you need.

ActiveX puts the control in your hands

Use ActiveX controls to ensure content can be created and controlled from within any Canvas™ project.

Leverage Corel, Visio and PowerPoint content

Open view and edit Corel (v11&12), Microsoft Visio (v2000, X_ & 2003) or Microsoft PowerPoint (v 2000, XP & 2003) files within Canvas™ – an invaluable tool to add visual effects, or output existing content into various formats.

Work with CGM data

The Canvas™ X CGM engine offers the highest level of vital CGM data fidelity and is compliant with Aviation Transportation standards (ATA).

Study seismic data

Oil and gas professionals can now study and edit seismic data in CGM files with the Seismic Traces pallete.

Get started today!

The Canvas™ Assistant allows you to receive real-time help and information at any time, saving you from expensive training costs. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

View Canvas™ X's detailed product specifications.

Canvas X (Mac)

Canvas X (Mac)